Friday, September 14, 2007


Vam je všeč? Meni je. Barve, pisane barve. Domiselno. Reklama najboljšega soseda, ki sem jo opazila na poti v službo. Potem pa sem jo dobila še v nabiralnik. Res lepo.


eva said...

I like that picture.
I read all your posts and try to understand what are you saying :) Did you say something about your neighbor here?
About my English - I have picked it up during my life. i have learned German all my school years, but English is something I have learned (and still learning) every day by talking to people, writing, reading etc. And I use dictionaries - online and as a books too :) I love books!
Kind regards from Germany!

Pina said...

This is actually an advertisment for a supermarket which was re-opened today. I noticed this ad while driving to work and I liked the vibrant colors, so I decided to post it. It is so nice that you like it, too! We call this supermarket 'our best neighbour', so I was actually writing about a neighbour. :)
I will start writing my blog in English in October, so a new month, a new language. :)
I have to say that I admire you for learning a language just like that, by yourself!
Oh, and if you like the books, it is perhaps time for 'a book swap' (!