Monday, June 29, 2015

How are you doing?

It's been a long time ... and everything is still the same.
Also the paths I take.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Goodbye, Feliks!

He’s been gone since the last day of summer, I fed him the last time on 21st September. The next day he disappeared and never came back. He was seven years old. Of course I cried, not only once. Last year we took him to the vet but those girls couldn’t help him because he evolved into a wild cat for those couple of hours while we were at the clinic. The vet speculated that he had a cancer in his nose though he was far from a house cat, he was muscular and fit. Pikec didn’t like him but tolerated him anyway because I fed them both.
Feliks was exactly like the cat from the ad for the Felix cat food, hence his name. One day he appeared at my door and stayed since. He was just as nice and friendly cat as Kaj, who disappeared in 2010 while we were on vacation. Today I know who took him away or even killed him – our neighbor. When we came home from vacation then Feliks’s fur was completely black from dirt and he was obviously tortured – he didn’t come close for more than a year although he always ate food that I offered him. Feliks survived but most didn’t. Also Pikec’s and Kaj’s mom was killed by our neighbor. I just wish that each of these cats who disappear from my yard doesn’t suffer.

Only Pikec is left now. And each time I see him I fondle him also for all those cats which are gone. I miss you, Feliks.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dear Scots,

I was sorry to hear that you decided against the independence of Scotland. Money rules and pensioners make decisions, and maybe they won’t be even here tomorrow! Your time has obvisously not come yet…
I know a huge courage is needed for changes in life.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

From the garden

At least seven of such lovely pumpkins were eaten by slugs this year. I don’t count all the salad that they had eaten. A real pest, I tell you and it is very hard to fight them. I don’t kill them, so maybe they come back ... I hope that winter will be very cold and that the weather next spring will be fatal for them, otherwise we will have to find some other way to get rid of them. It takes absolutely too much time to pick them every day. The other day I found more than five of them in one single pumpkin flower! It is nothing special if I pick hundred of them on a single day.

I know that one kind of duck eats them (some say that chicken, too) but with having these comes another worry as they eat vegetables, too. We would need a fence and most probably a dog to guard them from foxes. We are actually caught in a vicious circle ...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It is hard to believe that we have such wet weather this summer. Rain, rain, rain. I didn’t say bad weather because in a way I liked it; I had an essay to write. Though, on the other hand I wished so much to go to the mountains a few more times; now it keeps snowing up there. If we won’t have an Indian summer this autumn, so that snow will melt, I can say farewell dear mountains at this very moment.
Wet weather is also toilful for the bees. There’s a lack of food for them and illnesses take a huge toll among them. Well, the lack of food caused that the small hive on my balcony was a victim of robbery. Our bees had hive full of honey and obviously some alien and hungry bees smelled it. Too many bees died in just half an hour. Luckily I was at home, so that I could close the hive before all were killed. I took them to my cousin, who is a beekeeper, too. I almost closed the entrance of the other two hives, so that the bees can easier defend their hive from alien bees.

A sad story indeed. And I found out that it is really difficult to make a good photo of bees …

Monday, September 8, 2014


Each beekeeper in Slovenia will tell you that this season is the worst in the last 40 years. Dad has seven beehives and beside this also one little family of bees that found its place on the balcony of my house. I had persuaded him that bees would be happier here than at his home because here they had more food than in the city where he lives (although his home is only about 6 km drive from here where I live). And indeed, the bees filled up the cells of the honeycombs very quickly.
So, about ten days ago Ž persuaded my dad to bring another two hives onto my balcony because the meteorologists kept promising some nice weather last week. But it was far from that. I hope that the bees had time to bring enough food into their hives in three sunny days before this rainy week, so that they at least won’t be hungry before we give them the sugar solution. This year dad extracted exactly zero kilograms of honey.

I’ve heard many reproaches lately that I still don’t have my own bees. But sometimes it is wise to wait a little bit longer. Maybe next year I will be able to show you my own hives and eat honey produced by my own bees, who knows?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A countess

If you thought that I was wandering somewhere in the mountains these days, you were wrong. I admit, I stayed at home on one of the most beautiful days this summer, and I am sorry that I did. But an event that followed was a main reason for this.

I’ve told you already about M. By coincidence we came across each other three more times. I admit that it was quite pleasant in his company, talking with him about all sorts of things. The last time when I stumbled upon him (I was selling the apple juice at the ecological market for my colleague) he asked me if I would play a countess, his “wife”, at the weddings in one of the Slovenian castles. I said yes.
And so I did. I was nervous because I had to do my “talking” part of the show, too. As “my husband” had to play a major role in one of the other castles that afternoon, I had to carry the second part of one of the weddings all by myself. It wasn’t easy but I managed to accomplish my task almost perfectly. It will be easier the next time; if there is any next time at all as the wedding season is practically over.

It was interesting to see how different the wedding couples are. The first couple was young and a little bit afraid, and the second one was rich and quite arrogant. Though, I hope they all will be happy in their lives. I was glad to take my dress off me after the weddings; I had to wear three layers – a dress, a sleeveless dress over it and a mantle with fur collar over this last one, while the temperature was over 25 degrees C. Unfortunatelly I have no photos of myself in this costume.
My new experience ended well and one of my wishes, to wear a costume like the one I was wearing last Saturday, also came true.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Vrh nad Peski

I was in that area before, last year, and that evening Ž called the rescuers because I hadn’t come home before evening. This year I told him that I would be home in the evening, for sure not before, and I also sent him a few messages during my walks on the paths where some of the fiercest battles during the I. World War took place.
Under the mountain called Vrh nad Peski (a rough translation of this name would be The Peak above the Sands) huts for the soldiers were built, and the remnants of the wood could still be seen although it is mostly buried under the sand and rocks. Pieces of shells lie everywhere as well as empty cans and other, sometimes not recognizable objects. On the path under the peak of my final destination were also a few bullets. Some still whole, some smashed.
On the other side of the mountain used to be a huge graveyard; most bodies were later exhumed and buried in the valley. On my path I could also see numerous human bones. People carry these things home, therefore I was lucky to find some bullets at all; I don’t dare to pick one stone and take it home, yet anything made by human. Let those things lie there; I believe that’s where they belong. After all, they are covered with human blood.
To me the whole area looked like a mockery of nature, because alpine flowers were growing everywhere. There was at least one for every soldier who had had to be there involuntarly and at least ten of them for every soldier who had died on those steep slopes.
I hope to return to those places. Although it is not very pleasant to see all those remnants of the war, it is very beautiful there. And the view is magnificent, too; I could see all the way to the sea. Or one would brag: I could see all the way to Venice. Well, perhaps that city was Venice which I could see through my binoculars; who knows?

Friday, August 22, 2014

The happiest days in my life (part 2)

I should have known. At your age, in a string of days the year is gone. But in that space of time, it takes so long.
~ How you’ve grown by 10,000 Maniacs

And in fact, I called Adam one day from Finland and indeed, I traveled all that way to London (though, this was never the plan) where he waited for me on 22th August. It was also hard to believe that I had a chance to sleep in a home of an unknown person (Adam’s friend) in the center of London!

The next day we drove to Derby to visit his mom Sandra and later on to Liverpool where I spent a few days with him, and of course, had those promised pancakes, too. While I was staying there I got to know a different life from the one that I lived at home. I felt alive! You know, Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields ... and lots of people telling me how lucky I was. Sure I was!

I am only sorry that we didn’t end our relationship then, that August. Instead he came to visit me in Slovenia and I stayed with him in the UK over Christmas and a New Year. I came back home in tears. We just lived too far away from each other and we were too different to be happy together. But nevermind, with that single hug and one fleeting kiss he brought immense happiness into my life for just a moment. And that counts more than anything else that happened between us after that.

I wonder what you’re doing today, Adam G. M. I hope that you are happy and that you have many good reasons to smile every single day of your life.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bogatin, a place where a treasure is hidden

Sometimes my legs feel like stones, and my hikes are far from pleasant because of this. I also don’t like strong winds and clouds that roll over the mountains while I am there. Indeed, I didn’t continue my last planned tour, I turned back. One more tick on my list, although there should have been two. It was a hard day, and I can’t really tell, why.
This was last year - a fox waiting to get some food when I was taking a break at the hut:
This year there was the same unpleasant keeper of the mountain hut but no fox. The remnants of the human stupidity, called the I. World War, were everywhere. So many young guys had to die because of one man who decided that there should be war. And he even didn’t live long enough so that he could see how many people had to die and suffer because of his signature on one single piece paper.
I’ve made plans for my next hikes, there are still so many places I have to go to. I just hope my legs will be lighter then, much lighter, and that weather will be nicer, much nicer.