Monday, October 8, 2007

The market day

I wanted to write about the market day in Ljubljana two weeks ago when I visited the market and took some colorful photos.

I don't go often to the market as I grow most of the vegetables in my garden and buy the fruit in a local shop (if I don't get it from my relatives which is of course the best option) but from time to time there are special days when people bring different products from all the regions of Slovenia.

It feels like home on such days and as Ljubljana is a small city you meet there many friends and other people you haven't met in ages.

It is possible to taste so much good food that it is difficult to resist and not to buy some of it and bring it home.

The weather was nice, the temperatures were pleasant, the colors vibrant and it was very crowded.

I bought myself some figs, my favorite fruit, the last but the sweetest ones of this season (the price was astronomical, though!). I ate most of them before I got home. :)


kari said...

Wonderful pictures, everything looks so yummy! I would love to be able to visit a market like that. Thanks for sharing the photos.

eva said...

What are these fruits - on upper photo - these pink ones? These look so beautiful!
I love markets too! Maybe because, that you can try everything before you buy it :)

Pina said...

I am so glad that you like the photos. When I was traveling around the Western European countries, I could never see such a beautiful market as Ljubljana's market is. So, I hope it stays like it is for years to come.

Eva, the pink ones are actually the vegetables - a sort of eggplant (aubergines). I have never tried them though. Perhaps I will grow them on my garden the next year and send you one packet to taste then. ;)))