Monday, November 26, 2007

Flower pots

My favorite animals are cats but I work for an organisation which protects birds. How funny things turn in life! On Friday I had to make a birdfeeder very quickly for an article I wrote for a magazine we publish. It is a pity that I didn't have any bird seeds near. This is what I made:

I had to lead a workshop for children age 4-10 a couple of weeks ago where we were making similar birdfeeders. What fun the children had, especially when I put the acrylic colors on to the tables! In November 2008 we will be making the nest boxes for the birds. It is very useful to try such things at home first as it saves lots of time and lots of faults.

I like writing articles for children although I have none myself. Perhaps it is a child in me to bear the blame for this. I like to play the games as well but usually there are not enough people around who would like to play. I think I will never really grow up and I like it this way.


13mimosa said...

I love the building in the background - is it where you live? You've also prompted me, I should make a bird feeder for our yard - Leila (the baby) loves watching birds and dogs, preferably not playing together!

Pina said...

The building in the background is a part of a complex of very old buildings (about 100 years old) where a tobacco factory used to be. I work in one of those buildings. It is located almost in the center of Ljubljana.
Otherwise, I live in a little yellow house with a tiny garden.