Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I am back

Those few days I had only for myself went by so quickly. I don't think I will write anything quite inspiring today but I will share with you a photo of the cookies I baked last week. Not really delicious as they were too hard but they look quite nice, don't you think so? :)

I read some books in the meantime:
Girl with a pearl earring by Tracy Chevalier - a Slovenian version of the book loses lots with the translation as it is really terrible. But I liked the book and it remembered me of the days I spent in The Netherlands on my travels many, many years ago.
Summer lightning by Tamara McKinley - actually this is a good book for a summer holidays reading.
The food of love by Anthony Capella - I loved this one. Perhaps it is time to visit Italy and taste the real Italian food (though the truth is that it is not difficult to eat some good Italian food in Slovenia as well).

To tell the truth, I couldn't finish reading In the presence of horses by Barbara Dimmick. I couldn't, the story was too sad and I have to surround myself with happy things at the moment. That's why I read inspiring blogs like the one of Karen Beth or the one of Marta who also creates beautiful things. A little bit of imagination and anything is possible. I haven't shared this with you but one of my favorite books ever is Illusions by Richard Bach. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful sentences in the book is:
If you have imagination as a grain of sesame seed, all things are possible to you.
Let's use it! :) Happy Tuesday!

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13mimosa said...

I think the biscuits look great, I love the cut out in the middle. Interesting I also received the Food of Love book from my parents a couple of years back - it's a light read but it was really fun.