Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I caught cold last week, so instead of using my day off from work and going to Ikea on Friday, I was lying in bed and drinking lots of tea. Yesterday I got a bit better, though I stayed at home and pampered myself the whole day. In the afternoon I finally managed to do some errands, and this is what I also did:
Inspired by Linda.
I made this little bird/purse for Urša - she is an editor of this (click) magazine. She is one of the most pleasant people I know. As she has to finish her doctor's degree, this is her last editorial year. It was a great pleasure working with her and I think that she well deserves at least one bird for her excellent job.
It is quite a nice one for my first bird and maybe it looks easy to make one but it was not. At least not for me. I know - practice makes perfect.

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Hollabee said...

Hi there, Thank you for your lovely comment. It must be very cold where you are, I can remember the cold winters we used to have in the Netherlands (where I was born). I like the idea of a bird purse and I think you did a really great job. zippers are quite scary ;)
Have a lovely festive season!