Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Culture Day

On Monday it was a Culture Day here in Slovenia. With it we celebrate each year the birth of our greatest poet France Prešeren. Also a text of our national anthem is written by him. I think that this sonnet tells a lot about our nation. Who we are. He was born in 1800. He was in love with a girl named Julija Primic but he couldn’t marry her because he was poor at that time. Later, when he had enough money and he was an ‘important’ person, she had already been married. He wrote great sonnets for her. He died in 1849, and funny enough, his date of death is a national holiday in Slovenia. Another day of culture.
So, on Monday there was a free entrance to most of the museums. I visited Slovenian Museum of National History. There was a new exhibition to be seen: The Secrets of the Woods. An interesting one but a lot of time is needed to read every piece of information written on the panels. I had some fun, as you can see on the photo above. My friend was a bit embarrassed but we live only once, so why not? (Perhaps wearing that disgusting mask is a cause that I am ill at the moment?)
There was also an exhibition on pieces of meteorites that fell on the Earth. I find it so special – something that was once up there, high in the sky, who knows how far away, could be seen from so close, you could almost touch it (sure, you are not allowed to).
I like visiting museums, especially if there are guided tours around as you can learn a lot of new things. The last time I was in the National Museum of Slovenia, we carried togas (Roman dresses) and went through an exhibition on Roman tombstones which had been found in Slovenia.
Well, I won’t bother you with all that museum stuff anymore but perhaps it is time that you visit an exhibition too? :)

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