Monday, December 3, 2007

Learning & making

Last week I received a twig of a plant I had never seen before. I knew the name but could not link it to any of the shrubs I know. Or at least I have never paid any attention to it. I couldn’t find a book in Slovenian at home (I really wonder where it is), so I had to look into Flora Helvetica, a beautiful book about the plants in Switzerland. Butcher's broom is its English name. A funny name, indeed.

For Friday’s lunch I made these, inspired by Coconut&Lime:

I made them with another filling, though. I used some chopped tomatoes and onion. Light, oh light, I miss you a lot! In the weather we have it is so difficult to take some good photos with my camera.

A few weeks ago we were making these cute birdies at the workshop we organize at work. They are meant to be for the children but usually older people come.

This is what I was also doing during the weekend:

Paper stars for my windows. On the photo they are not finished yet. When we get some proper light and sunshine, I will take a photo of them and post it.

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13mimosa said...

I love those paper stars - do you think you could tell me how you make them? Ella would love them for Christmas. I'd love to find a book on origami - one more thing to add to the list.