Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saint Lucy's Day

It was such a beautiful morning today. My cold got better and the skies cleared. One of the most beautiful sights for me is the sky full of stars. The sight of bright Venus in the morning sky wakes me up if I am not already awakened. This morning we got some fresh air, some light warm wind. Pure joy.

It is Saint Lucy's Day today. I baked Lussekatter yesterday. These are Swedish saffron buns, kind of sweet bread. I will try another recipe next year as the buns got pretty dry, although they are still very tasty. They will be good with my coffee today. I am not religious but I like such celebrations. They derive from pagan days anyway. In these days the sun sets at earliest hour and it will be so until 17th. I am looking forward to the weekend as I have so much to do around the house. This illness totally exhausted me and I can’t wait to go out today and get some fresh air. Though, if I am too late coming home this afternoon, I might be strolling under the stars again, this time observing Jupiter in the evening sky.

I love the stars and the universe. When I was a little girl I went out on a balcony each evening in the winter and counted stars. I believed that if I counted nine stars nine nights in a row, my wish would have come true. I hope at least some of your wishes will be fulfilled in the next year!

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13mimosa said...

Oh yum, they look absolutely delicious and each one so perfect! I made a gorgeous saffron and currant bread earlier this year, I think it was a European recipe - I'll look it up and see if it's like yours.

Wish I could share one with you!