Monday, December 17, 2007


It is slowly falling down. Snow. It is snowing. Slowly. We've got this during the weekend, it looked like caster sugar:I had a chance to stroll through Ljubljana on Friday afternoon and it was so beautiful! Ljubljana is full of galaxies and full of magical lights. Each year it seems to be more of them.
So, I said to myself, if we can't have it outside, let's have it inside. Spring, I mean. I placed a few twigs of Forsythia into a vase and after a week, there are yellow blossoms filling my living room with color.
Anyway, as it is a holiday season, I made some of the paper stars and decorated another window in my living room. So, when my neighbors pass by, they concentrate on the stars and not on me, sitting in my chair and reading a book. A nice trick.Yet another week to go and then - it is a vacation time again!


eva said...

Oh, snow already! I would love to see it through my window :)

I also wanted to ask if you have any good tips for Vienna? Any fabric shops maybe?

13mimosa said...

Snow, I'm completely envious!

Pina said...

Eva, unfortunately I have no special tips for Vienna. I was there only twice, once visiting a concert with a quick tour around and another time I went to see an exhibition for just a day. I hope you will have a great time there, whatever you will see and visit! :)