Thursday, January 3, 2008


I am back from my short 'no-computer' break. I have lots to share with you, more photos than stories. First I checked some blogs I usually visit and I came upon Leslie's blog and her idea to chose a word which reflects last and this year. I chose endeavor for 2007 and freedom for 2008. Which two words would you chose to describe these two years?
I really hope that 2008 will bring some freedom and more determination to do the things which are on my wish list. I see it as a bright year but I am fully aware that nothing will be possible without at least a bit of effort. I hope it will be a good year for you, too.


13mimosa said...

Happy New Year! So nice to have you back online, I felt more than a little lost not having your "chat" to look forward to. What's the photo of, I love it.

kari said...

That's a nice idea, choosing a word for the year. I think I will choose "expectation" for 2008...I have a lot of things that I would like to accomplish this year so I have high expectations for myself. Happy New Year! I'm enjoying your pictures, your cookies look delicious.

eva said...

Glad to see, you are back!
I think the idea to choose a word to describe your year is a good one! I think my word for 2007 was "courage" and for 2008 I choose "work". Actually, we should choose two words - one before the year begins and one after it ends.

Pina said...

I would add to my 'freedom' word also 'creating' word. I really think it is time for changes, time to be creative, time to make my home a bit cozier and colorful. Thanks to your beautiful blogs, too.