Monday, January 14, 2008

I don't

I don't drink wine. I can't stand its smell and its taste. I don’t use wine vinegar for the same reason. The smell is just too terrible. Generally I don’t drink alcohol. Perhaps I drink for a finger of beer in the summer (every now and then), I do drink sweet liqueurs (also one made of wine) on some celebrations like birthdays and quarter of glass of champagne for a New Year (if it can’t be avoided).

I don't smoke. Never, ever. Of course, I tried it when I was about 20 years old but I didn't like it. Not for a moment. I even didn't go to the pubs and restaurants where people smoked. Luckily there's a law now which prohibits smoking in closed places. Good. At least for me.

I don’t wear makeup. I used to at the University but in very small amounts. Just some lipstick. Red.

I don’t wear high heels. Never. I used to for some occasions during the days at the University. I was asked to. Today I would never fulfill such wishes again. I like rounded, comfortable shoes. With no heels. The ones which are good for my feet. My feet feel fine in my shoes that is why I wear them.

I don’t have TV at home. For a simple reason. I would spend too much time watching it. Although the program is terrible. When I want to watch some show, I go to my parents’; they have too many TV’s. Two.

I don’t have an internet connection at home. I have a computer but no connection. I am afraid I would spend too much of my time browsing through your wonderful blogs. Addictions are not really nice and healthy. Tell me about it.


13mimosa said...

I do drink, not spirits, but love wine (preferably a strong red) and champagne. I like beer when it's hot too.

I tried smoking too, when I was a late teenager, but could never perservere at it. I too hate it anywhere, I'm completely intolerant. If someone comes past me who has smoked I wonder why they don't know that people don't do that anymore!

I don't wear any product on my face, foundation or anything like that, I do wear eyeliner and a lipstick which is natural coloured although it's called Pink Chocolate! I'm a creature of habit and when one of the two items I use is discontinued (which happens often as it takes me so long to get through them) I go into a tail spin.

I love comfy shoes too. During home time I live in one of a few things - havaiana thongs, very well loved birkenstocks or Dunlop volley sneakers. I do wear heels to work and do like myself in them - but I've come to them later in life.

We have one tv - I have my favourite shows, but don't like any old trash. I would find it hard to live without one as the girls love their dvds.

We have a computer at home, it's always on, I'd be lost without it, without all of you!

tiel said...

what about coffee or tea? what don't you say no to?

Pina said...

I do drink coffee few times a year in very small amounts - it does no good to my body although I like its smell. I do drink wheat coffee instead. With milk and no sugar. Because I like its taste not because I would need it. :)

I do drink herbal tea. Every day. During the hot summer days too. I do drink black tea from time to time if I am too sleepy and I need some work to accomplish but also in small amounts (for the same reason as coffee above). With milk. I also drink green tea sometimes. Only in the mornings. Otherwise I can't sleep at night.