Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little treasures II

Puzzled? No, puzzles!
Once for my birthday I received a puzzle. And I became addicted that very moment that I put the first two pieces together. Perhaps for someone this is a waste of time but for me it is like creating something, a picture that I am not able to draw but put together piece by piece.
Mostly I was buying 1000 pieces puzzles by Ravensburger which proved to be the best fitting of all that were available in our shops. Most of the pictures were maps, all sorts of, mostly those 'ancient' ones. I love such maps. A night sky was also one I liked a lot. The stars were glowing in the dark.
The only one that I put together and actually hang it on a wall like a picture, was the one you can see on the photo above. A drawing by Janosch, one of my favorite illustrators. I have always had this puzzle in my bedroom. Probably you can guess, why. The guys on this picture are sleeping! The real colors are much more vivid and I still have to find a better frame for the picture.
My little treasure for almost 10 years now.

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