Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little treasures IV

The list of my little treasures is not over yet. I have still some to show you.
Many years ago when I traveled to Munich at least once a month, I stopped at Kunst & Spiel shop. Like usual. A charming small shop on a busy street in Munich. Always when I entered I felt like being in another world. I liked most of the things they were selling (well, they still do!). Each time I was there, I looked at the xylophone, a charming instrument I owned when I was a little girl. I have never learned how to play it properly. So, one day, my ex-husband took it from the shelf and bought it for me. How happy I was! From time to time I play myself a song that is composed by me, by a sudden inspiration. No notes. Sometimes I just look at it and feel it under my fingers. I am almost sure I will never be able to play by notes on it, but does it really matter?

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13mimosa said...

Our Christmas present to Leila was a wooden xylophone - I love the sound it makes. I am so unco-ordinated though - when you see the musicians playing the large ones they can play with two sticks at once - I just cannot do it. I think it's like tapping your head with one hand while rubbing your tummy with the other - you can either do it or you can't!