Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Travel with me today

I traveled all the way up to the Moon yesterday in the evening by help of a telescope. It was a wonderful sight! I looked at Mars and lots of other bright stars. I have always liked watching the night sky, the stars, and wondering if there is some other life out there. This morning bright Venus was pinned up to the sky and very close to it was smaller Jupiter. Beautiful! On the other side of the sky there was Moon laughing at me again.

But let's travel somewhere on the Earth today:
27°07'32.02" N
°16'36.03" E
Elevation: 5 m
Rapa Nui. Isla de Pascua. Easter Island.
I wish to see those giants one day with my own eyes. How lonely can you feel out there on such an isolated island in the middle of ocean? Can you imagine the people finding such a tiny spot in the middle of nowhere?

It is also time to celebrate today. It is the first day after Christmas when Ljubljana has full sunshine from the early morning on. No fog. No rain. No clouds. Just blue sky with lucent sun rays!

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