Thursday, April 24, 2008

Macro: 7

Two more days to go. And then one week off work. Actually 1 and 2 May are national holidays in Slovenia.

A mess in my house. I had to put all my plants into the upper room which I have desperately tried to put in order for some time now. It is Mr Ž's papers lying all around the room and in the next week I will just do a major cleaning of all this crap. If it is not possible to do it the nice way then it is time to do it the ugly way. Don't get me wrong, after two years of begging it is really time to do something. My patience has its limits.While putting all those plants into that room I noticed one of my treasures I keep. It is a shell my parents brought me from their vacation in Mauritius years ago. It is a beautiful shell and I saw one of a kind in our Museum of Natural History. In Latin it is called Cypraecassis rufa. It is quite big and if I put my ear close to it I can hear the sound of sea echoing out of it. Which calms me for at least one moment despite a terrible noise coming from my living room below...

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Eva said...

Beautiful shot!!!!!!