Thursday, August 7, 2008

This year so far

Yesterday while going for a ride by bike (oh, how I neglect you, my beauty!) I was thinking that I had put lots of hope into this year. I had expected it to be a gorgeous year. Looking back at these past months, I had to say that many obstructions totally blocked my good intentions to remember this year as a good one. Things just came my way, I could not prevent them from coming. Do I really attract all these bad moments in my life by the way I live, by the way I think? I don't know. I try to be positive and think positive... Looking at my home, it still looks messy and not really a place I like living in. I will have to wait until autumn before everything will be settled again. Perhaps that's also why I keep going to the mountains so often, to be somewhere where everything is simply perfect. I think my life is worse than a year before. Perhaps I should just stop trying to make everything alright. So, if I had to describe this year so far with one word, it would be setbacks.All these thoughts came to my mind when I was reading Geninne's yesterday's post. Her blog is the first one I came across in my life and it is still the first one I read every day. It is funny but I stopped commenting on her blog. Although I like the things she makes. It is sometimes so weird when you get no response to your comments and I wonder if I should really continue writing this (my) blog. Though I like looking back at the moments in my life and remember. Either nice or sad moments that happened once upon a time.


13mimosa said...

I'm going away for the weekend with all Geoff's side of the family and will try try try to find time to write old fashioned letters. I feel that you need some cheering up.

I do know what you mean about a lack of response to posts, it feels like neglect! Perhaps when they get so big though it's hard to do for everyone - but I would try! said...

Would you really stop blogging if you got no comments? I know they feel like validation, but you should really only be writing for yourself, first, and it should be you getting enjoyment by putting down your thoughts and photos. And you do share some wonderful things.

Eva said...

I love Geninne`s blog too!
And I have realized, my expectations for this year are big as well... But it`s better to dream big so you push yourself more, out of your comfort zone. Otherwise you just don`t try as hard as you could:)