Monday, October 20, 2008


The fog is here, again, and it will follow our days until spring. That's why I keep going to some higher places whenever this is possible. Two bright sunny days awaited those who were not in Ljubljana, a foggy place. Right, it clears by midday but then the half of a day is already over. I didn't sew, I just cleaned around the house a bit. It is still warm outside when the sun comes through the clouds and fog. I baked bread but it came out pretty sticky as if it wasn't baked long enough. I have forgotten that today passed five years since I've been working for this organization, so I didn't bake anything sweet for my colleagues. I enjoyed in walking yesterday, through the woods and pastures. Five hours of stretching legs. And rest in one of the most frequently visited cottages. On Ratitovec. Not a mountain but anyway there is abundance of alpine flowers on that hill in spring and summer. Hot tea was good. The view was excellent. I won't be one of those who come up there about 300 times in one year but I will come again. At least I hope so.

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13mimosa said...

You should work for the country's tourist bureau, you make it look a must see visit destination.