Tuesday, November 4, 2008


When Slovenia was still a part of Yugoslavia, we had to travel all the way to Austria to get some presents for Christmas. In our shops oranges were available one day after Christmas because this holiday was not to be celebrated here. Father Winter brought presents on New Year's Day in those old times. Alright, as long as I can remember we've been celebrating Christmas in my family and never that new Father Winter communistic invention.New times have come after formation of our new little country Slovenia and in few years shops were full of goods also on this side of border. However, I still think it is rather strange that shops fill the shelves with Christmas goods at the beginning of November.

Yesterday I went to one of those huge stores to buy a cake tin in shape of a star and I browsed through Christmas decorations at the same time, too. Nothing appealed to me that much that I would have bought it. Is it too early or was there really nothing new and nice that would catch my eye?


Anonymous said...

I think the Christmas ornaments are very cute, and I like that they look old fashioned. There used to be lots of bazaars here in November, where older women would make things......that does not happen here anymore.
Enjoying your pictures.


Pina said...

My pleasure, Carol. :)