Monday, April 20, 2009


The apple trees are in full bloom right now, and almost everything else, too. Above us are the April skies, those that bring sunshine in one moment and rain in the other.My bird monitoring went well. I managed to recognize all those birds that were singing. Probably I overheard some of them but I know that also the best ornithologists are not perfect, so I will for sure be forgiven for missing one or two birds on my count.

I took only seven! photos during the weekend, that's why I can't show you much of what I saw or did. I was working in the garden, sowed the carrots and some other vegetables, browsed through the gardening books and magazines, baked bread and talked to the cats, and neighbors, too. Rain that started falling yesterday in the afternoon was a good reason to stay at home with Ž and enjoy the cozy Sunday hours. Lazy weekend. Well, almost. :)

I hope you spent some nice hours too, during the past weekend!

P.s.: Last week I came across the web site of Jude Miller's paper flowers and I want to share it with you. Amazing! I would love to see how she's creating these beauties.


floortje said...

unbelievable, how does she make these flowers...the look so real..I also enjoy how nature changes in spring...
The magnetic sheets, my friend gave me, are form the HEMA, a very general store in the neteherlands, but I think you can find them at photostores as well...good luck...

Anonymous said...

Pina, I wanted to tell you there was a Cedar Waxwing at my feeder this morning. I had never seen one before.

Hope your day was lovely.