Monday, May 11, 2009

Among the fields

It was another pleasant weekend, full of hopes for the better future. There's a strong wish that this sad story is coming to an end, that better times are ahead of me. I haven't given up, but I think I will have to put a lot of effort into the next few days in order to start living happier and more fulfilling life. Who knows what will happen... Keep fingers crossed for me.

Again the train I was on passed the place where our story had begun on 4 December 2003. It was my name day that day. I always look at this church whenever I drive by. I always smile, when I remember. His sweater smelled of spruce.
We visited our friends, we had a bonfire, we smelled the freshly cut grass. In the eastern part of Slovenia spring starts a week earlier and also grass is cut earlier. I loved the smell spreading over the land, the smell of dried grass. In the most fields barley was growing, for me one of the most beautiful wheats.We woke up early yesterday, went counting the birds again. I saw my favorite bird, the Golden Oriole. I am always happy when I hear it sing. It makes me smile, always. It is almost impossible to see it, so yesterday when I spotted it flying over the fields, I was one of the happiest people around.

It is another beautiful day today. Another day full of hope.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't written anything, I have been reading though. I took Thursday and Friday off as vacation. It was really nice to stay home and not work. We have two PCs at home (my kids), but I am spoiled by the PCs at work (speed), so I rarely do anything at home on the Internet.
I hope you feel better and things improve every day. My work life has been drudgery lately, but home is OK. I have to tell you, sometimes your photos are the best part of the day at work.

Emily said...

Fingers crossed that things will improve for you soon, Pina. Hugs :)

Pina said...

Thanks to both of you, Carol and Emily. I am so grateful!