Monday, June 8, 2009

Shrijven zegt meer

Six years ago about this time I met an old friend of mine in the city center. Again. After years. I met her the first time when she rang my door. My schoolfriend, her friend, told her that we would match. We did. We talked for hours the first time we got together. We spent about a year or two together, being best friends. As soon as I had a boyfriend, she slipped away. Slowly.

I spent whole September taking care of her home in 2003. But we had changed over the years and became very different. Again, our path divided. We write to each other for our birthdays, for Christmas and from our travels. Well, she travels a lot, I don't travel at all. Not anymore. Or better, not yet. :)I received her postcard from Amsterdam last week. "I am in Amsterdam again," were the words written on the card. We were there together once, but I can't remember one moment of it.

She is a translator, but fed up with this job, so she has started to study the horticulture. I could hardly believe it when she told me. Brave girl!

We all need changes once in a while, so that our lives don't get boring. If we forget about this, changes come upon us like they did upon me this spring. So, don't forget not to be boring today, or better, don't be bored; do something for yourself today. I mean it.


Feronia said...

Thanks for this inspirational post, Pina - you're absolutely right - life really is too short to allow yourself to be bored.

Anonymous said...

Or not to make the most of life.
XO and have a good day!