Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome summer!

Let the restless spirit within you express itself. You need new air! You may very well discover a valuable aspect of yourself that you never knew existed, because you were afraid to let it come out.

~Robert Hand, Planets in transit~

I can say that I am very happy that the last four days were so calm and peaceful. I can only hope that the better ones are yet to come.

Guys took me with them to the Alps, where we were counting the birds. There is still lots of snow up there, and I wouldn't dare going to those places on my own. It is too risky, at least for me. At least there, where we were walking on Friday. We didn't meet a living soul. We saw the fresh footprints of a bear. We were the happiest people around. At least it seemed so. If at least two working days were like that, I would never like to change my job. If I am lucky, two more days like those will follow soon.

On Saturday I attended two weddings; four Ž's friends got married, the brides were sisters. It was quite pleasant; I met old friends, talked, laughed, danced and cried.

The summer is here, with low temperatures and rain. Time for being creative or just time for tidying up my home?


ickleson said...

Those mountains look too beautiful for words :)

Feronia said...

So glad you have had some brighter times, Pina. Love the foto of the green-framed window - reminds me of Austria!

13mimosa said...

I hope you're feeling more yourself - happy, positive, interested, all the things that you are. Thinking of you.

paperseed said...

What amazing places you visit.

Perhaps you'll find time to be creative and tidy up your home. :-)