Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In my garden, part 2

I have sown turnip yesterday and enjoyed eating raspberries. Those that are ripe in autumn are much bigger, but not as sweet as these that are ripe now. I had peas for dinner and ate too much ice cream. Well, it is summer, after all. Kind of a tropical one this year. People complain a lot about the weather while I don't really care. There's always something that we can do, even if we just lay in bed and rest. My creativeness is still hiding somewhere... :) When my heart and soul will be healed completely, these pages will be full of photos of nice things. Time heals everything, they say. Almost everything.Yes, there's salad in my garden this year! Last year it was eaten by slugs every time the little plants came out of the soil. Rhubarb is finally so big that I will be able to use it. Slugs had their feast in spring. First flowers in my garden - cucumbers: It is definitely summer. The landscape has become dark green, what I can see now is lush vegetation on every corner. And yes, mosquitoes and horse-flies have come out. Lots of them. It is time to go fast, so walking is no alternative in the humid summer days where I live. No wonder I escape to the mountains whenever I can. :)


Anonymous said...

It has been lush here too - everything is growing great. The last two days have cooled off though, and the clouds have looked like autumn. I will send you some pictures soon. Enjoy the peas!

Pina said...

Thanks, Carol! :)