Thursday, September 3, 2009


I admit, I have become addicted to this Geocaching treasure hunt. Though, it is great fun, so why wouldn't I spend my time somewhere outside searching for hidden caches? Maybe I am just a bit lazy and instead of going there by bicycle, I drive to the hidden point by car. Probably this will change one day, too. Well, sometimes I do walk six hours to get to the cache... and five more back home. :)I picked up my first Geocoin yesterday and now I have to place it in a cache where reindeer live. A good reason to visit my brother then, who lives in the woods in my parent's weekend house.I've decided to send a Travel bug around the world myself. Maybe you will be the one too, holding it in your hands. I will let you know when it starts its travel. Hopefully soon.


Feronia said...

"Looks like rein, deer"! I love it!

Pina said...

I love the Geocoins, but they are quite expensive.