Monday, October 26, 2009

Four horses

Imagine about ten people, aged 30 to 40 sitting around a table, and one at a time they keep shouting: »Yeehaaaa!« Or: »Cowgirl!« And: »Hay barn!« Sometimes even: »Hold up!«

Once in a while someone shouts: »Four horses!« and everybody stands up, punching with their hands in front of them, and shouting: »One, two, three, four!«

At a certain moment one of the guys gets so drunk that he can't do it anymore, and the game stops.

This is what happened to me on Saturday, when a couple had their farewell party, moving to another part of this country. Closer to their parents, where living is cheaper and where a house costs half of a price of the one in Ljubljana.

I like such games, though I never drink alcohol on parties. I can have a good time staying sober, I can laugh, dance or play games like everybody else.

I observed those guys and gals on Saturday. Most of them have lost their vigor with age, having children, having families. They were sleepy at eight in the evening, they stopped drinking almost at the same time. But they loved talking about the days when they all moved into that house, still being students, drinking all nights long, smoking pot day after day, and partying month after month.

Most of the people change over years and not many keep their youth vigor until being over 40. We get mature, as they usually say. But I am aware that I can't just sit at home and be self-sufficient like my mom is, complaining over everything that disturbs her peace. I don't want to be like her. Ever. It usually costs me too much if I forget about this. I know that I have changed a lot in a last year, and that I am completely different person than I was at 20. I have lost some characteristics, but gained others, hopefully better ones. What I also know is that I should never forget that there are always some new things I have to learn out there, and that I should always try to keep a bit of that youth vigor inside of me.

Four horses! :)


Feronia said...

We've got to keep learning, Pina, it's the only way :) Four horses!

paperseed said...

That's the spirit!