Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holidays already?

Well, busy times and no time for taking photos or writing posts. At least it seems so. I took a day off on Tuesday, but instead of taking it easy, I was doing all sorts of things. None of them was connected with approaching holidays. Or... was it? Actually I got an idea how my Christmas cards will look like this year. Now I just need some time to make them... Running around the city center I spotted these:Pretty, aren't they? It is funny, but each year, since I've been living away from my parents, I have silver and red ornaments on a Christmas tree. Some day I will invest into completely new decorations. One day for sure. I like changes from time to time.

Now I have to run to my mom, she baked cookies for my friend. She will be 40 on Monday, and I guess this is a perfect gift for someone who has almost everything. Well, at least it seems so... :)

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Feronia said...

Yes, what gorgeous baubles!