Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I went for a walk yesterday after dinner, it was getting dark already and it was only 4pm. Clouds were covering the sky, and in a distance a huge disc of the sun was seen through them. The cold pierced me to the bone; I do need a new winter jacket and gloves. :)

When I was almost back among the houses, I noticed that trees were already almost all leafless. When did this happen?

I am looking forward to spring (leaves will grow again in April, so for six months we will be looking at this dull brown and gray landscape), though there's lots do be done until then. Life to be lived.

I baked bread in new baking tins in the evening, but the light was too bad to take any photos. It is this time of a year when we should actually rest and prepare ourselves for the time after Easter, time of growth. It is time to make plans and it is time for learning. I should probably not complain over fog which we have every day now, should I? ;)


mostly harmless said...

No, you shouldn't complain; not at all ;-). I find these six leafless months great; I like to walk the dogs in the dark, I love the silence, I adore the peace in nature. I would miss autumn and winter more than summer ;-).

Pina said...

Saj vem, saj vem, tudi takšni obstajate... Ja, pozimi je res tišina, ker mrčesa ni. ;)

Feronia said...

I know how you feel - a couple of weeks ago my garden was all springtime abundance, now it's being baked brown by the sun!