Friday, November 6, 2009

Made of wood

Yesterday I spotted this table while rushing through the city center:I like it, though it is a bit dark. I like bright things.

Have a nice weekend!


Feronia said...

It's unusual. It would look good in a very light room.

Anonymous said...

Hi - One of my boyfriends from a long time ago, made a similar piece out of driftwood he found in California. The bottom was a square, but the top was this chunk of wood. I bet he still has it.
Have a nice weekend! We are going to Michigan.

paperseed said...

This reminds me of a bench I saw while visiting my parents. I love how they sawed it so rough and left the roots on the ends to add texture. I know you'd appreciate it:

Pina said...

Amazing, Emily! I have to show this to Ž, maybe he could make something similar for our garden.