Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let it come!

I am behind the screen today, but just for a few short hours. I am off to the other part of Slovenia, joining a party in the evening.This year has been the hardest year in my life, and I do hope each and every one of those that are yet to come will be much much better. I have learned that I can endure enormous pain in my heart and soul, but this is not how life is supposed to be. I can describe this year with one word: pain. I will think over this weekend, how should I name the next one.

When I look myself into a mirror, I can see much older person than I was a year ago. It shows on my face that it wasn't easy. But this is what I have chosen. It was my own decision to go through this. Though I have always hoped that a new day will bring relief by itself. It didn't. Never, not for a single day. But we always hope, don't we?

I have plans for the future. Almost the same as one year ago, I guess. I am grateful to all of you still reading this blog for all the comforting words and support. They meant a lot to me, when life wasn't easy. I hope to see you around next year, too! Enjoy this evening!

Let it come, 2010!


Kari said...

I'm sorry it was such a difficult year for you. I hope that you are able to find some happiness in the new year. Take care!

Feronia said...

I hope that the new year brings much better things for you, Pina. Thinking of you.

paperseed said...

Pina - thank you SO much for the waldorf lantern! We were away for much of the holidays so it was a treat to find it when I returned. Thank you for your generosity in such a fine package!