Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why foreigners like Slovenia?

City magazine is a free newspaper that is distributed at different places all over Slovenia. I take it whenever I spot it, because it is actually the only source of information for me about what's happening in Slovenia. Trendy magazine, but I like it anyway. Short news, lots of photos and a few articles. One of the articles has been written by a North American (I guess that he is from California), living in Ljubljana. He wrote why he likes living in Slovenia so much, and what makes us so different and special for foreigners.One of the things are slippers; I already wrote a post on that.

The other thing are the blocks of the pavements and some roads in the city centers. I took some photos of them the other day, so that you will know what I write about. I wonder - aren't there any overseas? I will tell you more about this article in a few of my next posts. I just need to go home from work before dark, so that I can take some photos to go along with the words...

Today I drove by bus through Ljubljana. I was surprised seeing how people look the same - the same hairdo, dresses, shoes. I guess I look as boring as all other people I saw today. But it is important what we carry inside ourselves, isn't it?


Kari said...

Ok, now I am intrigued. I'm going to have to find your post about slippers and learn what that is all about.

I love the paved stone roads, they are beautiful. I wish we had them here.

Feronia said...

We have some lovely paving covering one of the big public spaces here - Federation Square - but it doesn't quite have the charm of the paving in your photos.

I think it's good to look perhaps a little outwardly different to other people - just as a small display of individuality.

paperseed said...

We call them cobblestone, and they are uncommon here and only found in very old, original neighborhoods that hasn't been "revitalized" (ripped out to make way for common asphalt). There are a few places in downtown portland that still have small areas of brick-style paver sections, but yours are definitely something to be proud of.

Pina said...

Oh, interesting. Then you will love the streets of Ljubljana, if you ever have a chance to visit.

Post on slippers: :)