Friday, January 8, 2010


As it is written in a little book I bought yesterday, karma is cause and effect: what you do today, good or bad, comes back to you tomorrow. I like this little book, it is full of wisdom and it makes me feel good, whenever I read from it.One of those thoughts is also this one: use green, a lucky color in feng shui, to soothe the energy of your home. My favorite colors at this moment are green and blue, and I wonder if this will show in my home soon. Though, not all shades of green feel good when you look at them.

Have a great weekend; it snows here. :)

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paperseed said...

So true about green. Our kitchen is green, but it was a challenge to find the right shade. We wanted something modern, happy, yet restful to the eye. After looking at many swatches, David and I happened to narrow it down to the same one (it has a japanese name but I can't remember it right now). A while later some friends of our chose to paint their bathroom the exact same color.