Thursday, February 11, 2010


It keeps snowing for the second day now. This morning I had to shovel snow away from the road, before I could drive to work. A good exercise for good morning. Yesterday, when I came home in the evening, I did the same. For good evening. But it was different yesterday, when I had plenty of time to do it. Well, let's say so. This morning shoveling snow was not a Zen thing. The thoughts like - why is not Ž home to do this, why I am not the last in the row, so that I could do it in the afternoon, where will I find a parking place at work - crossed my mind. Then at some point I decided that it is no use having thoughts like that. I would make it somehow, and it is a good exercise after all. Neighbor will be happy, and eventually I was happy when the road in front of my house was clean. And I will be happy to have some exercise this evening again. :)

To add some color to the whiteness around us, I am sharing with you a photo of my new kitchen towels.

Karma for today: Be receptive to whatever unfolds.


Feronia said...

I am trying to have the same thoughts about the summer heat, Pina. The weather is there whether I like it or not, so make what I can of it. You have had a fierce winter, though, haven't you. Lovely teatowels.

Pina said...

Yes, we should never complain about the weather, but we are only human, aren't we? ;)

The winter here is like winters should be, I guess. Lots of snow, cold. That's what I like. But I admit, that I am looking forward to warmer months of a year. I prefer green to white. :)

13mimosa said...

Beautiful tea towels. I must get some new ones, for some reason ours smell like cheese, even when they're freshly cleaned!