Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awakening of spring

It's been always late here where I live. Eventually it comes. Everything gets green. Cherries started to bloom this week, one whole week after those in SE part of Slovenia. The most beautiful time of a year for me has begun. Spring. Not just on a calendar.Not much has been happening lately in my life. I am still resting. And running a couple of days a week. Feeling that it is easier every time I run. It started to feel good. I count while I run, so I have no time for any thoughts. Which is good. This was yesterday: I made a wish. I love rainbows, as then that strong wind blows, the one I can almost lean on. And this was this morning from the same spot: It is a beautiful day. A day when I will work in a garden. I am late, but I don't care. Sooner or later my vegetables will be covering the beds. Then I will share some photos with you again. And I promised myself too cook more often this year.

Karma for today: Decide, then persevere.


Kačja pastirica said...

Čudovite fotografije. Občudujem tvojo voljo po teku.

Feronia said...

Looks like a lovely time of year.

paperseed said...

Such a nice rainbow - and that last photo is hauntingly beautiful.

Pina said...

Kačja pastirica, priznam, še sama sebe občudujem. :)

It is a beautiful time of year. Every day there is something new, every day it is greener outside. A wonder of nature that comes every year. :)