Thursday, May 6, 2010

In bloom

I know, I know. This blog has become rather boring, but I have to share with you that I have taken it easy, because I am sure that June will be exhausting. In the previous days I was working in vegetable garden, reading a book, baking some bread, shopping. Not much to share, actually. I do cook every day, which is good, and I admire nature, day after day. The other day when I was driving back home from work, I stared with eyes wide open - it was raining, it was a bit foggy, but the meadows and the trees were so beautiful that I had to share this news with Ž who was again counting birds in SE part of Slovenia. "Oh, it is beautiful here, too", he said plainly. I had to smile.So, enjoy this time of a year, wherever you are.Karma for today: Remember that anything can happen anytime.


Bodecea said...

Thank you for the pictures! Here, the lilac is blossoming and smelling so sweet, and the typical and a bit irritating smell of hawthorn...


Feronia said...

Beautiful photos as always, Pina. Beauty should never be taken for granted! It is around us, somehow, everyday - it's just a matter of looking!

Bodecea, don't you like Hawthorn? I love it and I am very envious of the people who live behind us and have a lovely big tree in their yard!