Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lake dwelling

4500 years ago there was a lake where I live now. Almost in a city center (today this is near river Ljubljanica, the place is called Špica), vivacious dwelling on sticks was built on shore of a shallow lake and river coming down the nearest hill, today called Golovec. There was a sandy beach near this dwelling and supposedly the inhabitants came to this place from Croatia, searching for copper. I visited this place on Saturday. Archaeologists are daily digging up lots of broken ceramics and other interesting pieces of tools which inhabitants of that time used. It was amazing to see how sophisticated and beautiful some pieces were. The news for me was also that those people had large fields with different kinds of grains and with flax which was used for fabric. This lake dwelling was later deserted, most probably because people moved on to another site abundant with copper. So, after all we are probably not the descendants of those people... but who knows?

Karma for today: Start to think in a positive way and you will experience an upturn in future.

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Feronia said...

Looks fascinating. How wonderful to have that site close by.