Friday, May 14, 2010

This morning

I woke up at 5 am. It was raining. It shouldn't be raining, the weather forecast was supposedly good. I went anyway. This year we count birds in Ljubljana, and this morning I had to count them in the eastern part of our "lovely" city. Indeed, it is nice there between the blocks of flats in a suburb of Ljubljana, an area which doesn't have a good reputation. Though it seems that quite nice people live there and that the surrounding is very beautiful. There is also one of the castles which we have in Ljubljana. Lots of greens. And some interesting birds, too. I spotted Lesser Grey Shrike, which is a phenomenal finding for this part of Slovenia. Maybe it is only migrating, we will have to check that next week.It was raining most of the time, but as a reward rainbow stretched across the sky at some moment. It wasn't as beautiful as it was yesterday in the afternoon near my home (photo), but it was quite a variegation of a murky Friday morning.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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paperseed said...

Wow, that rainbow is magnificent1