Friday, July 2, 2010

Ornithological camp

Sixteen young people and six a little bit older guys and girls spent five days together in a beautiful part of Slovenia. Unfortunately I was preparing the next issue of our magazine, but I had great time with all of them anyway. I wish to join such camp again, hopefully next year. Though, I was the oldest... I can't publish any photos with portraits because most of them were in their teens, but here are some of the landscape and the "food" that we gathered on our shared trips. Who's there? Youngsters eating wild cherries. :)I found these on one of my walks around the village Grad (the white mulberries): It was planned that we would live here during the camp, but the renovations had not been finished by the time we arrived there (the castle supposedly has 365 rooms, one for each day in a year):I wish to return one day, but not alone. In a few words, this is what I experienced: beautiful countryside, quietness, slow life, youth. And fresh air. :)

I am going on a short break tomorrow and I will be back again in a week before my birthday. I am sure that you know where to find me if the weather is fine. It is time for mountains, of course! :)

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Feronia said...

Beautiful photos...mmm, those cherries!...enjoy your break.