Wednesday, August 18, 2010

These August days

Today for lunch I went to the nearest park, and watched the trees on a nearby hill. I didn't have a camera with me, otherwise I would show you how leaves have started to change their colors. Each tree had a color of its own. Autumn is approaching, although there is still a full month before we say goodbye to the Summer on calendar. It is time for this:They look good but (usually) I don't eat them. This weekend we had a chance to spot this one:Smooth snake (Coronella austriaca). As harmless and small as it was, people saw danger in it at once. Ž and I hardly persuaded people that it was not poisonous. They wanted to kill it. Interesting, how people think. Or they don't think at all.

It is also time for this:Listening to the stories, this time from Shetland and Orkney Islands. I don't wonder that people were happier in the old days. When you listen to the stories, there's no space for worries in our brains anymore. And I slept my sweetest dreams!

For those, speaking Slovenian, here are a few words by Peter Florjančič, famous Slovenian inventor:

I am sure that almost all of you have come upon one of his inventions - slide holders. He was born in the same year as my granddad, but he had much happier life. A lucky man indeed... And he knows it!

Karma for today: Change with the seasons.


Bodecea said...

Why don't you eat this mushrooms? They look good!

Feronia said...

Those mushrooms look beautiful! And for someone frightened of snakes (i.e. me!), that one looks quite sweet. Certainly nicer than the ones we have here!!

Mojca said...

Hudo lep post; le ob pogledu na kačico mi je neprijetno.

paperseed said...

I wish I would come upon such beautiful mushrooms (porcinis) while out in the woods. What a find that would be.