Friday, November 26, 2010

First snow

It started to snow at about noon today. At least it doesn't rain. We would be flooded again, if it rained. Until now I was quite content with the weather this year, although it was supposedly raining more often than other years. But now, when the temperatures dropped below zero, I started to look up the adds about travel destinations like Bali or Red Sea. Neighbors left for Turkey two days ago, to get away from everyday life (floods, renovations and similar) and rainy & foggy weather.

The other day, when Ž and I were cleaning around the house, we spotted these mushrooms. Lovely, aren't they? Already covered with snow by now.

I will be on the road again tomorrow early in the morning. I hope the roads will be cleaned by then. And I have to remember to wake up early enough, to shovel the snow in front of the house.

Have a lovely weekend!

Karma for today: Be grateful for the future possibilities that await you.

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Feronia said...

It's been raining here a lot too. Lovely fungi.