Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Ljubljana

In the library last week I came across an interesting book about Ljubljana in the past. Mostly it is about the Latin inscriptions that are still visible in the old city center but there's also some other information about different monuments and inscriptions that can be found around the city.
So, a few weeks ago I was visiting the city center and I walked through the oldest part of Ljubljana (like I usually do). The weather was bad but I took some photos anyway. There was this sign (above) on one of the buildings, looking very old compared to the house (the house has been renovated recently anyway). The house was probably build after the great fire in the 17th century but the sign is supposedly much older, made in the medieval time when these houses on the photo below (four buildings on the right) were built. On this sign you can see Saint Christopher and such sign was meant to be as a protection for the house. Those old houses on the right side of the above photo are the oldest houses in Ljubljana, and they hadn't been torn down after the great fire, but rather rebuild or renovated.

I will try to show you more of the Ljubljana's hidden treasures in my next posts this year. Of course these things are not hidden, but if you never look up, they might very well never be noticed even if you pass by thousand times. So, look up! :)

* In additional literature it says that such signs were put up on the houses where protestant preachers lived. According to the book this sign on the photo above was made in Renaissance.


Feronia said...

Yes, I am a big fan of looking up too! You see so much more.

paperseed said...

As usual, your photos make me wish I could visit your interesting city!