Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old pictures

For some years I have had a wish to get my grandmother's photo album my aunt stored after the grandparents died. With a good reason, of course. I want to give copies of these photos as a present to my dad for his birthday. Although dad's parents didn't care much about their four children, he was very attached to them. Interesting, isn't it? More you beat them, more they love you...

I visited aunt this Sunday and we spent hours chatting about our relatives and old days, browsing through the photos, some almost 100 years old. On her wedding photo my aunt looked like Sophia Loren when she was about 17 years old. She is an amazing woman. My aunt, I mean.

So, her name was Viktorija but she was called Vika. His name was Ciril, and he called her Viki. She told me this once when she was over 85 years old. They were both born in 1906. The left photo was taken in 1927 and the right one in 1935. This is their wedding photo. She never smiles on the photos. You can notice how much her outfit changed in only a few years. I like her "twenties" dress and hairdo. :)

Today I know that granddad was a passionate man; unfortunately she was not. Maybe she never really loved him, who knows. They lived together almost 24 hours a day but they were actually not talking to each other, in the last years both wishing they would live alone. But their wish never really came true because grandmom died only 12 days after granddad.

It is interesting that most of the photos I have are not of people but of nature and places I visited. I rarely take photos of people. I don't even have many photos of myself. And I don't have such fancy dresses or shoes in my wardrobe at all. :)


Kačja pastirica said...

Sometimes amazes me how little we know about our family and our ancestors.There are always questions with no answers, some mystery behind ... sometimes we know a lot more about people we don't even know. It makes me sad.

Emily said...

Beautiful old photos :) Yes, there are so many mysteries in our own families, aren't there. So many questions I want to ask now but all my grandparents are gone. But I probably wouldn't have asked them the questions when they were alive anyway - too many sensitive topics!