Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring time

Oh, I am glad it is here. Spring, finally. Some snow is promised to fall on Sunday but I guess that's to be expected since Easter this year is so late. I am experimenting with my meals: Pancakes with some winter vegetables and cheese. And there are new books on my shelf: Prepared for reading in the days to come, when the skies will be covered by dark clouds again.

Happy spring to you all!


TIKA said...

I must try pancakes ala"Pina". It looks delicious!

Emily said...

Have a beautiful Spring, Pina. I'm with Tika, those pancakes look sublime :)

Mojca said...

Oj. Palačinka a la Pina je 100% boljša od tistega wrapa iz McDonaldsa. Sem ga prejšnji teden probala silom prilike in je bil bljak. Ni je čez domačo kuhinjo :)