Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring days

First days in April were incredibly warm and this year everything is in bloom and bursting at least a couple of weeks sooner than other years. What's been happening? In my opinion this is rather weird. I keep noticing strange things that keep happening around me. Nature has been changing extremely fast and people don't seem to be happy anymore. Or maybe it just seems so because I am not happy?I was out quite often these past days, almost every day riding around with my bike. It felt sooo good! :) But my gear levers (I hope this is the right word) stopped working completely, so I could drive only on the flat roads and paths. I asked the guy at the bicycle service if he could do anything about the gear levers and he said: "Yes." Yesterday in the evening I came to pick up my "means of transport" and that guy told me that I (still, after more than ten years) have a very good bicycle. "It must have cost you a fortune back then," he said. At that moment I realized that someone someday actually took a good care of me. A long, long time ago. And it felt so good to remember those good old days.

Have a wonderful weekend! I know mine will be good because I will be among friends and children. Without my bike this time. :)

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