Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lots of paper

Three new things found home at my place. Lila Prap's notebook in which I am "supposed" to write ornithological observations, black Moleskine's planner 2011/2012 and a guitar manual. Well, the later looks pretty complicated for a beginner but maybe through time I will start using it. It seems that there is no progress in my guitar playing, but eventually I will have to move on to more difficult chords. My fingers still hurt; but it is hard not to play guitar for a few minutes every day. I realized that people like its sound. It doesn't really matter if I don't play well known songs, it matters only that I play chords that sound nice. I still wonder why my parents never asked my uncle, a violin player, to teach me and my brother to play a violin. Maybe because he was beating his own children?

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