Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This summer lots of things connected with the bees happened to me. I took that as a sign and enrolled in a beekeeping course. It started this Monday and it will end by the end of this month. I like our lecturer, he is not just a beekeeper but also a person who takes care of the nature around him. I browsed a few beekeeping forums, and as far as I could read most of the beekeepers are thinking only of themselves and their profit. A pity. I thought of having my own bees just for learning something new and having some honey for myself (my dad is a beekeeper, so I don't think my family would need my honey) and friends, and certainly not for making any profit of this. Well, I will see how my life unfolds until spring when a new beekeeping season starts. The course is carried out in a beekeeping center, and next to it stands an old castle. Unfortunately it was burnt down by the partisans in WW2, and the owners were not allowed to rebuild it after the war. I also found a lovely sun clock on the wall of a church near by. There are so many treasures hidden around my country, and I am glad that I notice them at all. And yes, a blueberry strudel from the bakery in a village nearby is delicious! I think I will eat another piece of it when I am around there the next time.


Feronia said...

I'd love to hear more about the bee-keeping - I love bees and we're thinking of getting some bees too. And are there many deserted buildings like that one?

Pina said...

I will probably write more about the beekeeping if all goes well. I hope that you will write about your bees too. :)

There are many deserted and ruined buildings/castles in my country. Burnt by the partisans or others and taken away from the owners after the war. They were returned to the owners after Slovenia declared independence, but you can imagine in what state such buildings are after more than 50 years of negligence.