Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, September!

These days I keep noticing these pink flowers on the meadows. They are the heralds of an autumn. I am glad that days are still warm and sunny although that day, marked "Autumn 9:04" is approaching fast. I spent yesterday afternoon in my garden and kitchen, cooking and baking. There are so many vegetables that are ripe at the moment that we can't eat them all. When my hand gets a little bit better I will start conserving some of those. I have already stored some of the pumpkins, now red beets, parsley, mangold, eggplants and paprika are waiting to be frozen or canned. I can't say that I like this work but I enjoyed yesterday in stripping the tarragon leaves off the stems. It was such a peaceful day.

May your day be a peaceful one too.

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