Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I hoped that today would be a nice sunny day like yesterday's (when I had to stay in bed from morning to late afternoon because I felt so bad). But today skies are gray. I prefer staying indoors on such days although I know that it would be good to go out for a walk and see what nature hides behind its curtains. Frost caught me unprepared and I was bringing in on Monday afternoon lots of what was still not touched by frosty morning. I have no photos of paprikas, pumpkins and turnips (like SouleMama does), I felt too exhausted to do anything else than fall into bed after I had done what was most important to do. I covered with fleece some vegetables that will be able to survive more frosty mornings but still, they won't hold on much longer. Soon time of rest will come, for plants and earth, and hopefully for me too. I know that I will be resting this afternoon. And maybe doing some bobbin lace again. It is an addiction. And a nice Zen activity as well, good for mind and soul.

* Those words on the picture are written by Nicola Chester in Birds magazine (by The RSPB).


Anonymous said...

Si kar ne moreš predstavljati, da je bilo na našem koncu sončno dopoldne, prav tako na Škofljici, kjer sem bila zjutraj. Ja, Ljubljana je kotel :(

Pina said...

No ja, letos smo jo še dobro odnesli, vsaj avgusta in septembra ni bilo megle.

paperseed said...

It has turned here too. We lost so many tomatoes due to a hard and constant rain that caused them all to swell and burst before we could collect them. I'm glad you had better luck that we did.