Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunny weekend

I spent these past two days mostly outside:- doing some voluntary work at the reserve that is managed by the society I work for. I found out that I've been doing quite a lot of such work since I'm together with Ž. Sometimes I would rather stay at home but for some unknown reason I keep doing it anyway. It is good to meet people from time to time, and make fire outside on a meadow and fry sausages over it. Or cheese if you don't fancy sausages. This time many children joined us and there was less chatting about birds than usual. And my eyes were focused on those mountains far away most of the time.

- making some more lace. Practice makes perfect but the truth is that my lace is far from perfect. I will show you some pictures of what I do in one of my future posts.

- driving all the way to the coast (well, it's only about an hour drive away from my home, so not really far) to deliver about 100 kg of spelt (Triticum spelta) to my colleague. He will sow it together with some weeds/flowers that used to grow among cereals in times before pesticides & co. I keep thinking of growing my own cereals too, but I don't have any land where I could sow the seeds. Though, one can never know what future holds for him/her.

- picking fruits of Sorb Tree (Sorbus domestica); Google gives also names like Service Tree, Jerusalem Pear, Whitty Pear for this tree. Fruits are not ripe yet and they are still very bitter at the moment but when they become a bit soft and brown they will be eatable. I won't make jam out of the fruits although it is very tasty because we have to use all that jam from last year first.

- wondering how beautiful it must be in June at those places when all those Dog Roses (Rosa canina) are in bloom. We met many people who were, like us, picking rose hips. This year we will dry them for winter teas.

- gathering some Winter savory (Satureja montana) to dry too. I will grind it and use it to spice the food I cook. I use it a lot and this one smells nicer than that savory that I grow in my garden.

I had to wonder at this blooming shrub I came across. It should be blooming in spring and not now. And I smiled when I watched Ž among all those shrubs and trees. We were picking and gathering our own food for winter. It felt so good.

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Feronia said...

Mmmm, harvest time! Looks good :)