Monday, December 5, 2011

Into the fog

Cookies are eaten. I said hello and also goodbye to friends. Instead of finally being in the sun, I drove into the fog on Saturday in the afternoon. We had such fog for almost a month in Ljubljana: Edible and not edible fruits in autumn: Beaver's tracks in mud: Stones smelling of rotten algae: Floki's farewell: I spent a day outside yesterday, at least it wasn't as chilly as other days in November. And in the evening we went fishing. While standing in a warm (yet chilly) breeze I made plans for the future days. It is a busy month, this December.


Emily said...

Looks beautiful. Lovely photos. Is Floki your dog?

Pina said...

No, Floki is not my dog. But he takes a good watch on a boat over the Mura river.